Navy Blouse with Gold Buttons

The purchase of this F21 navy blouse with gold buttons was made with encouragement from R1. We were on a shopping trip with Mia and Mia persuaded me to buy this royal blue button down and R1’s vote was for this blouse. R1 convinced me with the words “gold buttons.”

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BR Suit Jacket (2011), BR Martin-fit Trousers (2011), F21 Navy Blouse (2013), Ann Taylor Leather Belt (2013), Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps in Walrus (2010), Gold Hoop Earrings (gift), BR Leighton Leather Tote (2012), Pechanga Watch (gift), Silver and Gold Link Bracelet (gift)

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F21 Navy Blouse with Gold Buttons (2013), H&M Bermuda Shorts (2010), F21 Belt (2012), Coach Court Bag (2011), Charlotte Russe Wedges (2014), Pechanga Watch (gift), Silver and Gold Link Bracelet (gift)


I have always had a difficult time shopping for business suits. I remember the first time I had to wear business-appropriate attire. I was in high school and was supposed to accept an award at the local American Legion. I ended up borrowing an olive green sheath and jacket from my mom’s closet. I ended up loving that sheath and continued to wear it throughout college, but ditched the jacket.

I also borrowed a grey suit from my mom where I had to roll up the sleeves.

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As time moved forward and I learned more about fit and professional attire, I admired my aunt Co Be’s suits. She wore a suit to a wedding and she looked amazing in it. I was close to CML, Co Be’s older sister, and CML told me that her sister got most of her suits from BR because the cut and structure of the suits fit her really well.

Despite that recommendation, my first business suit was bought from Dress Barn when I was in my first year of law school. The skirt suit was not modern enough for my style, but at the time, I thought that looking a bit matronly made me look more professional. I was wrong.

While still in law school, I was rather impressed by a pantsuit that one of my classmates wore and wanted to find a similar-looking suit.

I bought my first pantsuit from Macy’s Juniors Department. The BCX suit had a slimmer fit and looked sleek and modern (similar here and here; the pants I would wear with heels such that only a quarter to a half an inch of the heel is showing).

I now have five suits that I wear on a semi-regular basis: a black suit from Macy’s, a black suit from Zara, a navy suit from Ann Taylor, and two from BR, a grey suit and a blue suit. The next suit on my list is a skirt suit. I have not yet found one that fits well.

The most recent suit I purchased is the blue suit from BR. My favorite part is the dark silver crest buttons! Although the color was described as navy, I found that it was truly more of a dark blue suit, as navy looks almost black generally.

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BR Suit Jacket (2013, similar here) / BR Pants (2013, similar here) / Ann Taylor Silk Camp Shirt (2010, similar here) / Gap Brown Leather Belt (2010, similar here) / Ann Taylor Perfect Pumps in Walrus (2010, similar here) / BR Leighton Leather Tote Bag  (2012, non-leather here) / Pearl Studs (gift, 2006, similar here)

If you are looking for a basic black leather tote bag with gold hardware, H&M has this lovely looking tote for $129.

I am also loving these marble green earrings from BR. Absolutely stunning!

Fall Basics

As much as I am enamored by statement and dressy items, I always find myself drawn to classics and neutrals. For this fall, a few simple staples have caught my eye.

H&M Chain Bracelet (comes in silver, too!)
H&M Leather Belt (also comes in black and silver)
H&M Black Leather Handbag

F21 Classic Cable Knit Sweater (bought this with a gift card!)
F21 Textured Crew Neck Sweater
F21 Boxy Woven Tee
F21 Colorblocked Georgette Tank
BR Black Lightweight Wool Two-Button Suit Blazer
BR Martin-Fit Black Lightweight Wool Trouser
BR Black Lightweight Wool Pencil Skirt


Ann Taylor Liz Zipper Leather Heels (also in black!)
F21 Classic V-Neck Cardigan (bought this with a gift card!)
F21 Raglan-Sleeved Knit Dress
Gap 1969 Real Straight Jeans
BR Fitted Non-Iron Sateen Shirt
Zara Zipped Pointy Ballet Flat
Talbots Leather & Croc-Embossed Top-Flap Shoulder Bag

What are you currently craving for the fall?