Mirror Image v Picture Image

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 12.09.29 PM

BR Suit Jacket (2011) / F21 Scarf (2011) / Sweater from Girls’ Exchange (2012) / Charlotte Russe Refuge Jeans (2007) / Franco Sarto Wedges found at TJ Maxx (2013)

Chort Face took the picture above–he offered to take it because he particularly liked this outfit.

We were talking about how it looks like I’m in an art gallery, when really, we just haven’t hung up those pictures in the Great Hall yet. They are pictures that Chort Face took of the trees in a nearby park. We are hoping to catch the same trees during each season and hang them up on the currently empty walls of the Great Hall.

I mentioned to the Chort that I tend to like pictures that I take in the mirror (mirror selfies) more than my non-mirror pictures and that I wasn’t quite sure why I looked so different when he took pictures for me.

He explained that my whole self image is actually a distorted view that I have based on seeing my reflection in the mirror. It’s the image that I am used to, and we tend to like the image we are familiar with–meanwhile, friends and family like our picture image because that is what they see and with which they’re most familiar. It was a novel concept to me. Another explanation here.

This explains why I like the image below more than the image above. Yes, this looks more like me, whereas Chort would say he likes the above picture more.


Have you found that you tend to like or are more comfortable with your mirror image more than your picture image?

Friday Infatuation: Black Tankinis

I recently came back from a cruise and now have swimsuits on the brain. Chort Face has requested that I do a 30×30 remix again (hidden intention: he wants me to go on another shopping ban), so no new swimsuits for me this year.

If I were to get a new swimsuit this summer, my choice would be the ever classic black swimsuit. I love tankinis for both coverage and easy restroom access. My previous tankinis have been from Speedo, but my less sporty choices below.

Black Tankinis


Moderate: Assets by Sara Blakely Women’s Push Up Tankini (on sale, $30), Clean Water Swim Bottoms (on sale, $18)

Splurge: La Blanca Ruched Tankini Top ($99, 20% off with code EASTER), La Blanca Ruched Hipster Bikini Bottom ($39, 20% off with code EASTER)

Super Splurge: Magicsuit Tankini ($134.50-$138.50), Magcisuit Mid-Rise Bottom ($63.50)

I’ll be wearing my two 2-pieces from 2007 again this summer: 1) a cornflower blue bandeau, and 2) a coral/red halter, both 2-pieces picked up from the 15 dollar store, and both always worn with signature neon yellow surf shorts and a tank top.

What are you looking forward to getting for the summer?


Great Garage Sale Score: Mid Century Modern Chairs

I have a home office, which I’ve dubbed Wendigo, and I had been looking for office chairs for quite some time. I basically keep a google doc called “Things to Do and Buy” where I collect an assortment of tasks to do around the Stronghold and home goods items to purchase.

Ikea Vilmar Chair

Ikea Terje Folding Chair

I had been considering getting the Vilmar Chair or the Terje Folding Chair from Ikea, and had those chairs on my list for the last six months, but as I was driving home one Saturday afternoon, I spied these Mid Century Modern chairs at the end of a neighbor’s driveway.

MCM Chairs

They were incredibly quirky. The shape was wonderful, but the upholstery was a bit out there–it looked a bit like a 60s mod print.

Nevertheless, I was struck with that tingly feeling as soon as I saw them. I parked my car, walked across the street to check on the chairs, and brought the chairs home for $10 each, $20 total.

I’ve named them Ozzie and Harriet.