Casual Outfits for Early Spring

The weather has been surprisingly chilly for late March and early April. Some casual spring transition outfits below.

Navy Floral

F21 Cardigan (2013) / Skirt from Girls’ Exchange (2012) / BR Carlie flats (2013; similar in rose gold here) / Coach Court Bag (2011)

Winter fades to spring
Darkness transitions to light 
Navy to floral

The outfit above is from last year around this time. A floral print always says spring to me. The skirt above was a find from another girls’ exchange. I’ve been getting a lot of great items from friends. At a recent girls’ exchange, I picked out a red purse for my mom and also got a charming little teapot.

As can be seen throughout this post, my fix for all occasions is a cardigan.

Velvet Rose Skirt

VS Cardigan (2010) / Velvet Jacquard Skirt (gift, 2012) / Wolford Tights from Bloomingdale’s (2013) / H&M Flats (2012) / BR Tote (2012) / Black Rose Studs from Claire’s (2000)

Cardigan and skirt
A velvet rose crinkles near
Ladylike lives on

My brother’s fiancee gifted me with a lovely rose velvet jacquard skirt last year. The skirt was made and bought in Viet Nam and I love the fullness of the skirt. The texture adds interest to a monochrome outfit.

Orange Casual

F21 Sweater (2013) / F21 Pants (2008) / Asics Onitsukas (gift; 2011) / Coach Court Bag (2011) / World Market Matte Gold Hoop Earrings (2013)

An arresting shade
Orange becomes the new black
Sporty casual

This F21 sweater was bought because it was on clearance (it was $10.98 when I bought it) and I was looking for a new sweater. I tried to return it after receiving it because it was a little too bright and shed like crazy. Unfortunately/Fortunately, I was unable to return it because it was on final sale (the price ending in 98 should have been a clue). I have worn this sweater a surprising number of times since then (last seen here). It’s cozy and comfortable, which is exactly what I was going for when dressing for a chilly spring day.

Have a great weekend!

***I’ve cleaned my mirror since I have re-started blogging. Yay blog and yay Windex.

2 thoughts on “Casual Outfits for Early Spring”

  1. I’m glad you’re back to blogging! (Lol on the mirror) Also good thing you hung on to the F21 sweater since the color looks great on you!

    1. Thanks, Olyvia! Hahah, yes, I didn’t actually know that having a clean mirror was all that important until seeing all the streaks on the blogging platform. Womp womp. Next step: getting a camera remote.

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