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Inverting the Pareto Principle: Royal Blue Pleated Button Down

photo 4-1

F21 Royal Blue Pleated Button Down (gift, 2013) / Zara Suit Pants (2010) / Ann Taylor Perfect Leather Pumps (2011) / Pearl Studs (gift, 2006) / Watch from Pechanga Casino (gift, 2011) / Silver and Gold Link Bracelet (gift, 2011) / Coach Madison Chain Crossbody (2014)

Royal Blue Pleated Button Down

This button down was purchased through a birthday gift card from friend Mia. I had gone shopping with both Mia and Lola and I wasn’t going to get this button down because the color was a bit much for work, but Mia persuaded me to get it. I’ve worn it a handful of times, but usually with a sweater over it. This was, I think, the second time I’ve worn the button down on its own. Though it looks purple in the picture, it actually is more of an almost cobalt blue.

I wore the above outfit to attend a networking event. Although I would have usually worn a more conservative outfit (i.e. a suit, or a sheath dress with a blazer), I decided to take a few more liberties this time around.

I’ve decided not to do a 30 x 30 remix, but in drafting a few posts with updates on what I’ve spent on fashion-related purchases over the years, I’ve realized that I don’t have outfit pictures including some of the items.

Therefore, I’ll be doing a variety of posts to showcase certain items that have not made it to the blog yet. This button down was a great way to re-introduce the “Inverting the Pareto Principle” series. As a side note, wow, has my style changed from that last link to my purple, pink, and orange outfit.

F21 Pleated Button Down 2

Ann Taylor Perfect Leather Pumps

Surprisingly, my Ann Taylor Perfect Leather Pumps have never been featured despite wearing them so much that the label is close to falling off. Even though pointy-toed pumps are making a comeback and despite my own preference for pointy-toed shoes, the almond-shape of the AT PPs are so flattering.

Watch from Pechanga Casino

The Pechanga watch has been worn before. A more detailed shot below:


It’s a sturdy watch. My parents received it as a gift from Pechanga Casino and let me take it like the black aviator sunglasses that they also got as a gift from the casino. Sadly, I lost my sunglasses while I went on a cruise (my first ever cruise!), but at least I still have my Pechanga watch!

Coach Madison Chain Crossbody

The Coach bag above is what I finally decided to get after contemplating a few basics. When I had looked online, the bag was only available in the red and off-white color, but now it’s available in a burnt camel color and pink as well. I remember thinking that I wish that Coach had it in black as well and found that it was offered in black but that it was no longer in stock.

On a recent shopping trip, I was happy to find that the black was available in store and there was a promotion, so I was able to get it for 20% off.

I chose this bag, which I call Maddie, over the Talbot’s bag because it was what I was originally looking for when I was looking for a black crossbody–gold hardware, structured shape, and just the right amount of metallic accent that I had wanted. The Talbot’s bag had a nice drop–similar to the Coach bag, but the Talbot’s bag had an indentation in the middle when the bag was full and I wanted a sleeker bag.

Maddie is my last purchase for 2014, so no new replacement black flats for me. I was looking for replacement flats because the foam on the bottom of one of the flats had become disengaged, but I was able to fix that problem by using some superglue, so those flats should last for another season or two, or who knows, maybe even a couple more years.

Any future Friday infatuation posts will be items that I would love to purchase, but will wait until 2015 to see if the desire is still there. In reviewing the items I have bought over the last three years (and have received either through gifts, hand-me-downs, or girls’ exchanges), I noticed that I have a lot of clothes I haven’t worn, as is often the case, so I’ll be going through many closet rotations.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Inverting the Pareto Principle: Green Lace Top

Lace | Everybody, Everywear

This post was inspired in part by Every Body, Every Wear and in part because I haven’t worn this green lace top in quite some time.  I bought it from an LA boutique in 2007; the label is “The Origine.”

I was drawn to the top because of the aqua-colored panels with the cherry blossom print, the green lace, the soft material, and the light pink ribbon detail.


I’ve worn it maybe eight times (cost/wear = $45/8 = $5.62).  The last time I wore it and had a picture taken of me wearing it was last year during a dinner with some law school buddies.  I paired it with my robin’s egg blue cardigan and jeans (I think the same ones I’m wearing above – GLO jeans that I bought from Marshall’s).  Though not shown in the picture below, I believe I’m also wearing the same pumps as above (faux lizard skin pumps from Payless circa 2007).

Dinner Cropped

In 2007, I paired the green lace top with jeans again and pointy-toed patent nude/beige pumps:

Cropped 2007

(I would make this picture bigger, but the resolution’s awful.)

Close up of the green lace top:

Lace Top Close Up

Any suggestions on other ways to wear this top aside from pairing it with jeans?

This is also my first outfit for the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge.  I still haven’t figured out what my 30 items will be, but 4 are down: 1) Green H&M cardigan, 2) Green lace top, 3) GLO jeans, and 4) Payless faux lizard skin pumps.  Only 26 more items to choose!

Lastly, Steph decided that this outfit is going to be Outfit Number 1 for her 30 for 30:


Details of her outfit will soon be forthcoming!

Inverting the Pareto Principle: Black Full Skirt

I haven’t worn this skirt in a few years, and I can’t remember the price for it (maybe $20-$25), but I got it in 2005.




Gap Full Skirt (bought in 2005)

H&M Coral Tank Dress (bought in 2010; worn as a top; last worn here as a dress)

Mossimo Taupe Heels (bought from Target in 2009)

H&M White Cardigan (bought in 2007)

Coral & Black Bead Necklace (gift from my husband’s grand aunt in the Philippines)

Pearl Strand Necklace (bought in the Philippines in 2011)

Forever 21 Pearl, Crystal Bead, and Shell Flower Necklace (bought in 2010)

Initial Pendant and Rhinestone Pendant Necklace (initial pendant was a gift from my dad when I was six, rhinestone pendant necklace has been [permanently] borrowed from my mom)

Pearl Earrings (gift from my aunt in 2006)

Tan Stud Bracelet (free gift for signing up with BaubleBar)

Gold Bead Bracelet (gift from my husband’s aunt in the Philippines in 2010)

Glasses (bought from Costco in 2010)

Beige Corset Belt (bought from Masque Boutique in 2009)

I piled on the accessories today and kept my makeup “fresh,” as my husband calls it.  Moisturizer with SPF (always), a dab of Smith’s Rosebud Salve (always), some grey eyebrow liner (I find that looks the most natural for my brows), and some brown-black eyeliner, and I was out the door.

Close up of necklaces:



The skirt’s hemline actually falls around mid-calf, but because the coral dress has an empire waistline, I rolled up the skirt a few times and added the beige corset belt.  That belt is one of my favorite finds even though my husband does not generally like the look of wide belts on me.


Today is going to be spent relaxing at home with the family; next weekend is going to be insanely busy as we have a fundraising dinner, a wedding here, and then a red-eye flight to Boston to attend another wedding the following day.  Thus, no MIFDDN; I think our Crystal Cove visit was our outing for this week.

For those in the States, hope you are all enjoying the Memorial Day Weekend.