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Inverting the Pareto Principle: Return of the Aqua Tee and Coral’d Out

I was in a major time crunch before going to church with my family today.  I decided to wear what I had worn to bed with just a few tweaks.

Return of the Aqua Tee 002

Return of the Aqua Tee 007

H&M Aqua Tee (cut off the arm bands and the band on the bottom of the tee – bought in May 2010)

Purple Scarf (borrowed from my mum)

Refuge Jeans (bought from Charlotte Russe in 2007)

Bronze Belt (gift from my aunt in 2006)

Aldo Wedges (bought in 2009)

Dasha Boutique Pearl & Moonstone Earrings (bought in 2009)

Mother of Pearl Cuff (bought from Viet Nam in January 2011)

My husband had been waiting for me to get ready (I was trying to fix my hair and do a quick makeup application), and when I finally appeared, he remarked, “You look like spring!”  Awesome–that’s exactly what I had wanted–a spring-like vibe.

The scarf really adds a chic touch to the otherwise casual outfit, or as my husband said, “It’s classy.”

I don’t normally wear scarves because they’re such a defining staple in my mom’s wardrobe.  Every time I think of putting one on, I feel like I’m becoming my mom.  Weird, I know.  My mom is pretty stylish and I’ve picked up a few habits from her (preferences for bright colors and shiny baubles), so imitating her style choices is not the problem.  It’s more like I feel uncomfortable that I am dressing like her–for instance, if I wore a fleece, cargo shorts, and Rainbows, I’d feel like I am dressing like my husband.  Scarves are my mom’s thing.

I’ve decided to let go of this weird hang up that I have, though, and embrace wearing scarves.  They really do elevate a somewhat ordinary outfit up a notch.

For a comparison shot:

Aqua Tee 001

See original post here.

To find more ways to “dress up” a basic tee and jeans, check out the recent Petite Fashion Challenge hosted by Jess of Stylepint here.  I wanted to sign up for the challenge, but I wasn’t quite ready at the time.

However, I have signed up for “the LBD” Petite Fashion Challenge for April 28th–it’s going to be my first one!  It’s hosted by Jessy of The Little Dust Princess.  Signing up for the challenge was one of my “Do one thing a day that scares you.” I told myself to just bite the bullet and sign up…and I did.  If anyone else wants to sign up or do this with me, go here.

If you feel some trepidation in terms of putting your face or figure out on the internet, here’s an idea on how to quickly create outfits.  My friend sent me the link and said she was reminded of me when she saw it.

Back to the aqua tee: You can see from the pictures above and from this post here that the aqua tee looks a lot better after it was cut. It’s also a lot more comfortable–so comfortable that I was able to sleep in it, as mentioned above.

I may borrow (okay, steal) a few clothing items/fashion ideas from my mom, but it’s actually not too bad because she steals/borrows ideas from me, too.  She’s been cutting up her T-shirts!  I cut a line down the front of crew neck shirts because I tend to find them constricting.  Turns out my mom does that as well.  I’ve known that my mom has been following my lead on that for a while, but when I saw her cut-up shirt today, I just felt a whole lot better about borrowing a scarf from her.

After church, my family and I were scheduled to support my mom’s school by wearing orange and participating in an event to raise awareness regarding budget cuts, so I changed to this:

Coral Button Down 002


Coral Button Down 004

Aldo Sunglasses (bought in 2009)

H&M Aqua Tee (not shown – bought in May 2010)

NY & Co. Coral Button Down Shirt (bought in 2005)

Aqua Belt (came with the shorts worn – bought in May 2010)

H&M Bermuda Shorts (bought in May 2010)

Silver Bangle (bought in 2009)

Rainbows (bought in 2009)

Dasha Boutique Pearl & Moonstone Earrings (bought in 2009)

I bought this coral button down shirt in 2005.  It’s the shirt I referred to here.  I used to wear it when I taught and while I was in grad school, but I stopped wearing it because I felt like it wasn’t conservative enough.  The last time I wore it was some time last year when I layered it under a brown v-neck sweater.  I’ve worn it about 15 times and it was sub $20, so cost per use is great at $1.33/wear.

Nevertheless, I haven’t worn it in quite some time, so I’m glad it got some attention today.  I’m also going to have to take a brief hiatus from wearing coral–I’ve worn the entirety of my coral clothing items all in one week.  Poorly planned, Quest for Fashion Sense.

Please note that I chose to wear my Rainbows today, too, because they are uber comfortable.  I wasn’t set to jump on the Rainbows bandwagon until a friend asked me to send her a pair that she had left at my house (that planted the seed in my mind that they must be great if my friend couldn’t wait a month to retrieve them).  Later, I asked another friend who owns multiple Rainbows pairs why they were so great, and she just went on and on about them.  Once I tried on her pair, I was sold.

Rainbows mold to your feet, they are created with parachute material, and they come with a complimentary repair and return policy.

I wanted to wear Rainbows today because my family and I thought we would have to stand for an hour or so for the event, but as it turned out, the event was canceled. We did not get the memo.

Lastly, if anyone saw two people dressed alike at a street corner wearing orange-ish shirts, shorts, and Rainbows, that would have been my husband and me. Needless to say, due to his aversion of dressing like his mate, he immediately changed when we got home.

Guess he’s just not ready to embrace that trend.